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Nexia Australia has partnered with one of our US affiliate firms to bring you two free presentations dealing with US tax issues - 'Conducting business in the US' and the below 'US tax issues for individuals'.

In our individuals presentation, we will cover: 

  • US tax return obligations for US citizens and greencard holders residing in Australia;
  • US tax residency rules;
  • US tax implications of renouncing US citizenship;
  • US tax implications for Australian tax residents owning US IRA's and 401K's; and
  • Inheritance and tax planning issues for US citizens who reside in Australia. 

Numbers are limited, so make sure you register today to secure your spot!

For information and to register for our 'Conducting business in the US' seminar, please click here. 


Mishkin Santa is the International Tax Director at The Wolf Group, one of Nexia International’s US affiliate firms.

His areas of specialty include:

  • US citizens living overseas;
  • Investments across multiple jurisdictions;
  • Foreign trust tax compliance;
  • International assignment structuring & planning; and
  • Asset protection planning.
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