• Webinar recording

Estate planning is a way of ensuring that the assets you have worked hard to build up are passed onto the intended beneficiaries.

A well-considered estate plan can provide you with certainty and a peace of mind as an effective estate plan facilitates getting the right assets, into the right hands, in a tax effective manner.

Failure to have a proper estate plan in place may result in:

  1. A reduction in the wealth passed onto the beneficiaries
  2. Unnecessary tax liabilities
  3. Benefits passing to the wrong beneficiaries

The webinar will cover:

  1. What is estate planning
  2. Factors to consider when estate planning
  3. Testamentary Trusts and why they are beneficial
  4. The treatment of superannuation death benefits
  5. Examples of effective Estate Planning
  6. A Q&A component where you can ask any questions you may have on the topic.

The live webinar will be presented by Sylvia Liang and Darren Chinnappa both of whom specialise in Estate Planning and Superannuation

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