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Would you like a CFO but don't have the resources to employ one? We can provide you access to an expert in order to drive business success.

In today's fast paced business environment even small to medium sized businesses can do with the expertise of a Chief Financial Officer, a luxury once afforded to large corporations.

By outsourcing the finance function of your business to us it means you immediately access qualified financial experts, with the expertise to drive your business towards success in realising your vision and achieving your goals.

Our CFO Solutions provides you access to an expert who understands how successful businesses function and assist you with the daily pressures and challenges you face.

We find that often owners of small to medium companies frequently don’t have anyone with whom they can discuss strategies and issues. Sometimes a virtual CFO is a great sounding board. We have a wealth of experience and business insight a business owner can tap into.

By engaging a virtual CFO you can expect to see profitability improvements, improved management reporting as well as a more effective and efficient accounting team. This allows you to have more time to focus on your business and make better decisions which ultimately should allow you to see profitability improvements.

Our CFO Solutions is tailored for your business but commonly the following is included:
  • Analysis of pricing and product or service decisions
  • Bookkeeping
  • Company Secretary duties
  • Creditor payments
  • Design and refinement of internal accounting systems
  • Developing budgets and financial forecasts
  • Development and monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
  • Ensuring effective use of cash
  • Financial modelling (sales projections, break-even analysis, cash flow analysis)
  • Full payroll function
  • Human Resources advice
  • Information Technology strategy and advice
  • Maintaining your data integrity by keeping your accounting records up to date
  • Negotiations with banks and investors
  • Proactive and tailored business advice
  • Sales and marketing advice
  • Sales invoicing and debtor management  
  • Selection of appropriate software
  • Strategic business planning
  • Strategies based on industry specific and best practice benchmarking
  • Timely delivery of management reports

Nexia are your trusted business advisors, taking your vision for your company’s future and turning it into a meaningful plan with implementable actions and then ensuring that the results are measured.

Our advisors include a number of highly talented and experienced individuals with commercial backgrounds that have worked with a number of different clients in a wide range of industries.

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