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When should you start thinking about maximising the value of your eventual exit from your business?

No matter what stage in your business lifecycle – start up, growth, maturity, exit – the answer is, now.

At Nexia Edwards Marshall, we enjoy working with business owners throughout your business lifecycle, and we believe that you should be rewarded for what you do – taking on risk, creating employment and creating wealth.

Having worked with many businesses transitioning in a variety of ways – such as by trade sale, management buy-out, family succession or public listing – how well the process is executed is largely up to you.

The other critical factor is time. There’s a lot more to extracting the maximum value from your business than merely brokering a sale. Whether two years away or twenty years, the process for maximising your exit value starts now.

National Tax Director, David Montani, accompanied by business valuation expert Hugh McPharlin, delivered a webinar on how to build and extract the maximum value from your business.

This important session covered:

  • The components that drive a business’s value
  • The compounding effect of small improvements in each component over time
  • The different types of business exits
  • The exit/sale/transition process
  • Sell the assets or sell the company?
  • Pre-sale restructuring
  • Tax planning
  • Maximising the after-tax sale proceed
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